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Register to Play USA Softball - Youth JO Program

Contact Our Team

State Office

State Commissioner:
Bill Skinner

Cell: 985-507-0092

Asst. State Commissioner:
Sherry Jacob

Cell: 985-951-0268

State Junior Olympic Commissioner -
High Performance Programs:
Dakota Hill

Cell: 225-719-7773

State Vice President, 
Player Representative
Metro New Orleans District Commissioner:
Jesse Barksdale

Cell: 504-737-7416
Cell: 504-231-3720


Louisiana Teams - Register/Sanction your team


Team Registration/ Team Sanctioning Only 
Team Sanctioning is required to participate in USA Softball Tournaments & Events.
Local Team Registration: $50
Valid from September 1st to August 31st
Does NOT include insurance 
A Team Insurance Policy/Certificate is required to participate in USA events, including local invitational tournaments. 

Individual Player Registration & Team Sanctioning  
Includes Insurance  Coverage & USA Softball sanctioning.
Registration $20 per person.
Valid from September 1st--August 31st

I you have any questions, and to Sanction your team for the current season, call Sherry Jacob at 985-951-0268

Background Checks & SafeSport Training

USA Softball is committed to creating and upholding traditions of excellence in softball by building and maintaining a supportive and nurturing environment in which youth may grow, develop, and prosper.  

A Background Check & SafeSport Training are required to protect youth athletes

The SafeSport Law does not only apply to National Governing Bodies, but to EVERY Amateur Sports Organization. 

A background check and SafeSport training MUST be completed by all adults 18 years and older before participating in any USA events.  This policy applies to anyone who is in the dugout, participating in practice, &/or any other manner in softball that involves youth participants.  

ALL Background Checks MUST be completed through, no other background check will be accepted.  

As of September 1, 2021, 18 year old athletes are also required to complete SafeSport if acting as a Coach &/or turns 19.  (This excludes athletes who are 18 & are playing on the team.)

If you've completed SafeSport Training elsewhere, please add your USA Softball Membership ID Number that can be found at, to your SafeSport profile.

This policy is in accordance with Federal Law & USOPC Regulations. 

ACE Coaching Program

As the National Governing Body of Softball, it is USA Softball’s responsibility to ensure that our coaches achieve a certain level of understanding of what their duties are as coach of a youth softball team.

The ACE (Aspire, Challenge, Encourage) Coaching Program is a coaching education program, developed and designed to provide softball coaches of all levels – from beginning coaches to experienced veterans – an opportunity to be educated as a coach with a national softball organization.

Available online, the ACE Coaching Education program is available to any coach that participates in USA Softball play. USA Softball provides educational information to more than 25,000 coaches each year. 

To access the ACE program, log in to